☆ we need a lipstick

Lipstick is a necessary demand for cosmetic users. If you want to make lipstick, the first you need is to choose the shape of lipstick. We have many different shape of lipstick mould to meet your requirement. And we can also product the mould which matches with your lipstick samples. How to choose the lipstick, we provide half-silicone, fully-silicone and metal mould for you. You can also choose the cavities of the mold.

☆ we need a lip balm

Lip Balm Pouring Machine, Lip Balm Remelting System, Lip Balm Mold Conveyor + 96 Cavities Lip Balm Metal Molds
This Lipbalm filling and remelting line is manually filling, it is suit for the company which is at the beginning of its business. It is economical and practical.

☆ we need a powder cake

Gieni JBC powder compact machine is suitable for cosmetic powders, such as face powder, blusher and eyeshadow. It can be used for handling a wide range of formulations. It can press embossed, engraved powder cakes and domes. To make the cosmetic powder products, we need you powder pan to customize the powder press molds. And if your powders have formulations, add your design drawings.

☆ we need a mascara

Rotary Type Mascara Filling and Capping Machine
This machine is automatic type mascara filling machine. It adopts Module design: filler and rotary machine. Filler can be used individual to achieve sample filling, we have fast connection to let it work with rotary machine for large order production.

☆ we need a lip gloss

Rotary Lip Gloss Filing and Capping Machine
France customer bought this for two usage: one tank for lipgloss filling, one tank for mascara filling. Filling machine is able to be used as individual. It’s a full Mechanical System, stable and longer usage life. Speed at 40pcs/min.

☆ we need a face cream

Single Color Air CC Cream Filling Machine
We have a big challenge of this project because the customer’s material was too watery, it caused the sponge has adsorbed the filling nozzles after vacuum filling. After our best effort, we finally found out the solution and make our customer satisfied. So if you want to have suitable machine for you unique products, is very helpful to send us your materials.

☆ we need a nail polish

Can Type Auto Nail Polish Filling Machine
This machine is special designed for nail polish filling. It is can type filling with lower noise. And has explosion-proof system. According to the nail polish container, use conveyor transmits the products. This machine is also suitable for lip gloss, mascara, essential oil, and cream.

☆ we need a eyeliner

Double Nozzles Rotary Type Eyeliner Filling Machine + Peristaltic Pump + Auto Steel Ball Feeding System
Also adopt peristaltic pump filling, stable running and easy cleaning. Add auto steel ball feeding system, special designed for this kind of eyeliner products. And we can also add auto eyeliner container feeding system and auto cap feeding system to upgrade it.